Kim is a certified Master Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Trainer who still maintains a fantastically fun flow style that anyone can come and rock right where they are. Her reverent irreverence makes learning from her a real-world delight. Kim attracts yoga lovers, anatomy geeks, fitness freaks, and those who don’t mind a few f-bombs peppered throughout her profound and intuitive teachings. Her message is always one of self love, self expression and empowerment which is exactly what she found for herself when she began her studies in this style of yoga and anatomy based on discovering one’s true core power and using the tools of biomechanics, creative sequencing, practical inspiration and fabulous flow classes to access each student’s freedom from the inside out.

Kim’s classes welcome a wide range of students from teenagers, working moms, tattooed belly dancers and bemused but hooked husbands to women in their late 60’s all in the same room, all working on that elusive handstand or arm balance together, and all feeling met and capable exactly where they find themselves on the mat that day. She works on demystifying yoga postures and philosophy so that it can be simply accessed and understood–and directly applied to ease the suffering of even life’s most pressing challenges.

Kim has taught yoga and pilates for nearly 12 years and is certified at the 500hr level in Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini. She continues to study yoga anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and has begun to mentor new yoga teachers helping them find their voice, hone their skills, and gain confidence in their teaching. She recently had the honor of assisting Sadie Nardini and Tyler Mccoy at the New York Yoga Journal Conference as well as co-presenting for their workshop, Yoga of Success: Message, Marketing, and Money.

What is Core Strength Vinyasa?

Core Strength Vinyasa is a perspective on all yoga created by founder Sadie Nardini. CSV simplifies how to access, comprehend and use the “deep core” or as we call it in CSV, “The Core Strength Muscle Meridian”, more efficiently and gain the maximum benefits of yoga (Self-awareness, confidence, strength, flexibility, calorie burn…). Postures are always built by setting the foundation first, connecting to the deep core, and expressing in a much lighter way that reduces outer body tension. We incorporate specific core poses, transitions and sequencing that will bring the student into more core generated alignment improving safety and stability while causing a more efficient mind/body transformation.